You have a specific question but you are unable to find an expert helping your startup efforts? Don’t worry – with “Find an Expert” you are able to tap into our global network of thousands of industry experts and entrepreneurs! We will search the right person for your and make an intro!

Find an Expert

What’s included

  • our networking agents will search for an matching expert for your topic or question
  • tap into over 750.000+ of our warm contacts (see examples)
  • get an straight-forward introduction via email

How it works

  1. send us what expert you are looking for, your question or challenge
  2. our networking agent will find a matching person
  3. she asks for permission in order to introduce you
  4. you be introduced to the expert via email

Terms & Conditions

  • price does not include any service or payment for the expert you have reached out
  • 100% money-back guarantee if we can’t find any experts within 2 business days! (read more)

Do it yourself

You will need copy skills and for beginners it takes at least 2 hours:

  1. search with keywords on google or social networks such as linkedin (premium profile maybe required) for experts that match your needs
  2. try to find out contact details, e.g. within an imprint of a website or by trying out e.g. “[email protected]
  3. send an cold email to matching profiles using a nice copy – get tips herehere and here
  4. hope for a response
  5. establish trust